Text Compare

Text Compare tool is an online application designed to compare two or more text documents or pieces of text and highlight their differences.

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Compare Text Online

Text Compare tool helps to compare two texts, files, and URLs. It uses the Diff algorithms to identify the differences between the texts.

We have developed this fantastic Diff Checker tool to highlight the differences and similarities in your texts. This tool is easy to access over the internet to compare texts.

Copy the Original and Modified Text in the respective Text Input Area and see the Magic.

How to use Text Compare?

  • Open Text Compare tool
  • Copy / Upload the Code or Text to Input 1 and Input 2.
  • Click On Compare Button
  • Identify the differences.

Error Detection

This tool is fantastic in identifying errors, differences, or unintentional changes between two texts and helps to proofread.

Code Review

Text Compare helps review the difference between the code, allowing developers to find and fix the difference between the code without installing any software. The coder can quickly identify code changes and ensure code quality.


To compare the text documents manually is very time-consuming and error-prone. This Diff Checker tool helps to digitalize this process and saves time by showing all the changes. Also, it reduces the risk of missing essential changes.

Compare Securely

This Text Compare tool's most essential and popular feature is to securely generate the difference by not sending data over the internet to find the difference. It uses JavaScript logic to see the differences in the browsers on your devices.

Text Diff Online

The Text Diff tool is essential for various types of users, such as writers, editors, and users who work with text documents. This tool helps find differences and similarities between two texts, and it's easier to spot errors, track changes, and ensure consistency.