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HTML encoding is character encoding, which is the process of converting special characters and symbols into their corresponding HTML entities.

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HTML Encode Online

Are you sick of handling HTML letters that mess up your website building tasks? Don't look any longer. Our online tool to encode HTML is here to make your coding experience easy.

If you are an experienced programmer or just beginning with HTML, this tool is made to make your job simple. It helps by quickly changing normal letters into special ones used in programming known as 'HTML entities' for you.

Use our easy to use online tool to experience the convenience of HTML encoding. Embrace effective, hassle free web development and bid farewell to the frustrations of manual encoding. Enhance your coding skills by beginning to encrypt now!

How to Use HTML Encode Online

  • Paste your HTML code: Put your HTML code in the special area of our tool.
  • Click "Encode": When you've put your code, press the "Encode" button to start making it ready.
  • Copy Encoded HTML: After changing the code, click on "Copy to Clipboard" to easily move it from one place into your work area when studying or making computer programs.

Key Features


Save time and effort using our fast, big HTML encoding tool.

User Friendly:

You don't need any technical skills; our tool is made for developers of all skill levels.


Use our real time preview feature to make sure the HTML characters are read correctly.


Copy the encoded HTML with just one click, making your job easy and fast.

Why Choose Our HTML Encode Online Tool?

Easy to Use:

Our online tool to encode HTML is easy to use and doesn't need any technical know how. Just copy your HTML code and put it in the box we gave you.

Instant Encoding:

Our tool gives you fast answers, saving you time and making things better. It's great for when you need a fast answer without the hassle.

Real Time Preview:

Look at the results as they happen! As you type your HTML code, our tool quickly shows the encoded outcome.

Copy to Clipboard:

Push a button, and then the code in HTML is saved on your clipboard.