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Text to Base64 Converter that transforms a given input text into its Base64-encoded representation.

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Text to Base64 Converter Online

The Text to Base64 Converter is a handy tool that is designed to convert your text into Base64 format. Whether you are a programmer, student, or any other person who wants to translate text to different applications, our converter is going to simplify the process.

Our Text to Base64 Converter enables the user to encode text into its corresponding Base64 format. Take a second to consider your text, and we will give you the Base64 encoded version of it. The content is ready to be implemented into your applications or transmitted to an Internet connected device.

How to use it ?

  • 1. Input Text : Enter or copy paste the text you want to encode into the provided box.
  • 2. Click Convert : Click the convert button, which will translate your text to Base64 format using our converter.
  • 3. Copy and Use : After the conversion is done, copy the Base64 encoded text and use it wherever you need it.

Why use our converter ?


Our converter is designed with simplicity as a priority. It is also usable without the need for a coder.


You can have your text encoded in Base64 within a few clicks. It saves you time.


Be confident that your text will be correctly converted into Base64 without losing any data. Our converter uses reliable algorithms to make sure we get accuracy every time.


No matter whether you are encoding text for website development, web transfers, or any other purpose, our converter addresses all your requirements.

Most Used Cases for the Text to Base64 Converter

Data Transmission:

Simple encoded text for long-distance transmission, either across networks or as email attachments.

Web Development:

Base64 encoding is usually used for encoding images/binary data into HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.

API Integration:

Many APIs necessitate that the data be encoded in Base64 format for purposes of authentication or data exchanges.

Data Storage:

Base64 encoding offers a way to represent binary data in text based formats.