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CSV to TXT Converter changes comma-separated values (CSV) files into plain text (TXT) format, making it easier to work with structured data in different applications.

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CSV to TXT online tool converts CSV text of Comma Separated Values (CSV) format into plain text. CSV is a standard format utilized to persist tabular data, where each line of the file describes a row of data, and commas or other specified delimiters separate columns.

Welcome to our simplest online CSV to TXT Converter! Your all-time solution for the CSV converter to TXT. It is all online; no software download is required.

We offer an easy-to-use interface that guarantees a fussless experience for beginners and pro users alike. Upload CSV as your input file, choose TXT as an output format, and press "convert." There you have it. You may now download your converted file. Streamline your security, secure efficiency, and effective data management. Go ahead now and try out our CSV to TXT converter. It's the fastest solution for a convenient conversion.

Do you know how to use CSV to Text Converter?

  • Open CSV to Text Converter tool.
  • Copy / CSV file as input to the converter.
  • Update the configuration fields according to your needs
  • Click the Converter button, and data is transformed into plain text.
  • Download or Export the Plain Text Data.

This CSV to Plain text converter provides configuration for changing your desired output format or handling different use cases.

Why is our CSV to TXT tool the best choice?

User-Friendly Interface

We provide a simple and easy-to-use CSV to TXT Converter. Whether you are an ordinary user trying hands-in data conversion or a high-tech specialist, it is intuitive and simple. It is a simple platform without hard-to-follow commands or technical terms; it quickly converts your CSV files into TXT.

Quick and Efficient

Our converter acknowledges the fact that time runs out quickly. You can convert your CSV files into TXT format in a few clicks. Farewell to laborious procedures greets speed! This device will enable quicker conversions to save time on more important matters.

No Software Installation Required

It no longer entails complex software installation procedures. Our CSV to TXT Converter works solely online; hence, we do not need additional downloads or installation. You only need to open the tool using a web interface and enjoy simple file conversion.

Secure and Private

We are very serious about your data security. Rest assured, our encrypted CSV to TXT converter protects your data while it is being converted. We have a policy that respects your privacy and guarantees your data's security.

Data Transformation

This tool transforms structured tabular data (CSV) into a more human-readable text format. It's easy to open in any text editor, making the data more accessible in various applications.

Improved Compatibility

Converting CSV to plain text or another structured text format can enhance compatibility. It has many configuration options, such as removing empty lines and removing or keeping the header.

Smaller File Sizes

In some cases, converting CSV to text can result in smaller file sizes by providing the config option, such as removing empty lines. Doing this process reduces the file size, which can be advantageous for data storage and transfer, especially when working with large datasets.


CSV to Text tool works in the browser and does not send data to the server for processing.